Your holiday alternative to the usual hotel in Sanremo

Memole Inn is located on the second floor of a building in the most elegant and central pedestrian area of the city.
Some rooms offer a wonderful view of the Ariston Theater, the famous stage of the Italian Song Festival, and ensure guests maximum relaxation and an absolute night's rest away from traffic and the din of cars.

  • The structure offers accommodation only.

  • Non-smoking rooms available.

  • Pets are allowed at no extra charge

Distances: 30 meters from the Ariston Theater; 100 meters from the Casino.

Precauzioni Covid19 SelfCheckinn Memole Inn Sanremo
  • We sanitize the room at each departure

  • The check-in takes place via mobile phone with a selfie
  • You can access the structure from 4 pm (there is no closing time for the check-in because you access it automatically)
  • All the doors of our structures would be opened with a code typed on the keyboard