Terms and conditions

Legal Notes and General Conditions of the Contract 

1. Scope and subject of the contract. 

1.1. These General Conditions of Contract govern the relationship between Pollon Srl (hereinafter "Pollon") and the Customer with regard to the supply of accommodation services chosen by the Customer in the booking proposal made from those offered by the Structure, which can be viewed on the site, under the heading Services.

 1.2. The request for the provision of the Services can be made by the Client by submitting the Booking Proposal to Pollon by: sending an email to the email address info@memole.com; by phone, verbally, by contacting the number +3901841955171; directly from the Site, through the appropriate procedure.

 1.3. The contract is concluded when the Customer makes the Booking Proposal in the manner provided for in point and brings her to the attention of the Pollon. The actual conclusion is always subject to the availability of the Service. This confirmation is provided by Pollon at the same time as the receipt of the Proposal or immediately afterwards. 

1.4. If the activation of the Services cannot take place due to impediments not attributable to Pollon, the contract will be terminated automatically, without this entailing any kind of liability of Pollon towards the Customer.

 2. Activation and provision of the Service.

2.1. Upon activation of the Service, Pollon guarantees the Customer: - the use of furnished housing units (hereinafter "Rooms"), in number and type defined in the Proposal.

2.2. The Pollon will deliver on loan to the Customer any other accessory equipment aimed at the complete use of the selected Services (keys, cards, etc.).

2.3. The Customer must use the Rooms, common areas and equipment so as not to disturb the normal performance of the Service and to third parties housed in the Pollon facilities. The Customer will be exclusively responsible for any direct damages deriving from the violation of this obligation, holding the Pollon harmless from any consequence, cost or charge.

2.4. The Customer will indemnify the Pollon from any prejudice, damage, liability, expenses, even legal, suffered or incurred by the Pollon, furthermore he will indemnify him from any action, reason, claim advanced by third parties against him who find cause or reason in behavior and / or omissions in any case attributable to the Customer himself or are in any case a consequence of the non-compliance and / or violation of the precepts set out in these General Contract Conditions.

3. Reservation and Deposit.

3.1. In the case of a reservation for a future period, Pollon requires the customer to pay a deposit as confirmation, to be sent by the following means:- IBAN transfer:- credit card (pre-authorization of the amount of the penalty)

3.2. The amount that the Customer must pay as a deposit is equal to 30% of the total amount of the Reservation and must be paid within 48 hours. Failure to pay the deposit within the above terms will result in forfeiture of the booking, without the need for any communication from the Pollon.

4. Duration of the Agreement, cancellations and penalties.

4.1. The Contract is valid and effective from the date of conclusion of the Contract itself and ends if both of the following conditions are met:- the Customer and the third parties connected to it, or dependent on it, have definitively left the Pollon housing structure- the Customer has paid the full amount due to Pollon.

4.2. Check-in must be made between 16:00 and 24:00, there is no possibility to use the entire structure before this time. Any late arrivals must be agreed in advance with the Pollon. Failure to give notice may cause even long waits of which no claims or refund claims are accepted. Chek-out must strictly take place between 7.00 and 10.00, if this does not happen, the cost of an additional night will be charged.

4.3. the customer has the right to cancel the reservation reinforced by a deposit and terminate the contract. In this case, he is entitled to a variable amount of reimbursement of the deposit paid. This fee is a function of the time advance (compared to the scheduled check-in date) with which the Customer communicates the cancellation to the Pollon. The following are the redemption fees: 10 or more days before: 100% of the deposit from 7 to 3 days before: 50% of the deposit from 3 to 1 days before: 0% of the deposit. The entire deposit will be retained by the Pollon as compensation for the damage caused less than 1 day or no show: The customer will be required to pay for the entire booked stay. No refunds are provided for guests who leave the Pollon early, whatever the cause. 

5. Privacy protection. 

5.2. The Customer is informed, pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, that the processing of personal data provided to the Pollon is necessary in order to allow the Pollon directly or even through third parties to fulfill the obligations deriving from the this contract or for the fulfillment of the obligations established by law or regulations. 

5.3. The data controller is the legal representative of the Pollon.

6. Documents. 

6.1. Upon arrival at the Pollon, the valid identity documents (Passport, Identity Card) required for the registrations required by current legislation must be delivered. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a violation of the provisions of the criminal code and authorizes us to request immediate abandonment of the Pollon. The data of our guests are treated in accordance with the current privacy legislation.

7. Responsibility of the Pollon. 

7.1. The Pollon will be responsible for breach of contract and for the provision of the Service exclusively for facts attributable to it.

7.2. If, upon arrival, the Customer finds a Service different from the one agreed upon but accepts it anyway, he is automatically deemed to be forfeited from any claim for compensation and the new Service replaces, by agreement of the parties, the one previously agreed. 

7.2. The Pollon will be responsible for the objects received in custody, which will be deposited in special safes. The Pollon reserves the right to refuse this service.

8. Limits of Liability

8.1. The Pollon will not be responsible in the event of delays, inconveniences, malfunctions and / or interruptions of the Service due to: - unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. - tampering or interventions on the service or on the equipment carried out by the Customer or by third parties not authorized by the Pollon. - damage or inconvenience caused by total or partial interruption of the supply of electricity or water. - The Pollon will not be responsible for valuables not deposited in the Pollon safes. However, the Pollon will not be held responsible for any theft of objects and valuables deposited in the safety deposit boxes of each room as it would not be possible to demonstrate and quantify their actual content. 

9. Management recommends: 

9.1. Silence / Children. Total silence must be observed from 23:00 to 08:00; it is forbidden to stay in the common area during these hours; Children must always be accompanied by an adult. In any case, behavior must be maintained that at any time of day and in no way affects the tranquility of others; 

9.2. Cleaning. The rearrangement of the rooms is daily. The rooms must be vacated by 10.30 for cleaning. If the rooms are not vacated by 10:30 am, cleaning will be postponed to the next day. We kindly ask you to arrange your personal belongings in order to allow such cleaning;

 9.3. Other Guests. It is strictly forbidden to bring other people into the room, on the terrace and in any area of the Pollon without the authorization of the manager, under penalty of a supplement of € 250.00 The customer cannot sublease or loan the room, in whole or in part, under penalty the termination of the booking fee and penalty of € 250.00 

9.4. Breakfast service is not provided 

9.5. Smoking / Weapons / Drugs. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, drugs and more. Under penalty of immediate termination of the contract. It is also strictly forbidden to smoke in the room. You can freely smoke on the terrace and on the balconies of each room, strictly using the ashtrays present there. 

9.6. Kitchen. The use of the kitchen is not allowed.

9.7. Personal objects. You cannot leave objects of any kind in the corridors or common areas. The Pollon is not responsible for personal items left unattended. N.B. we decline all responsibility for the loss or damage of objects of your property left in the rooms unattended.

9.8. Animals. pets are allowed upon notification at the time of booking; it is absolutely forbidden to leave animals unattended in the room, as well as in the common areas, or to be left wandering without a leash or control. 

9.9. Sense of modesty. It is strictly forbidden to wander around the Pollon wearing clothing that may offend others' modesty. In any case, the Customer is prohibited from carrying out acts and behaviors that may cause annoyance to the other inhabitants of the building. 

9.10. Toilet. Correct and civil use of the toilets is recommended, avoiding throwing anything into the toilet. (use the special baskets).